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About the EIFLE Awards:

The Excellence In Financial Literacy Education Awards were created to acknowledge innovation, dedication and a strong commitment to financial literacy education. Nominations for the 2021 EIFLE Awards are open to the general public. Self nominations are acceptable. Recipients will be announced at the 2021 ACFE Online in June.

Instructions for Nominations:

1. Review Eligibility Details: More information on the requirements for each category is included below. Please review this information to ensure your nomination meets the minimum eligibility requirements prior to completing the form.
2. Complete Nomination Form: Please complete it in its entirety. Nominations received with incomplete forms will not be considered.
3. Submit Nomination Fee: Nominations received without payment will not be considered.
4. Submit Supporting Documentation: Physical copies of books, education programs and tabletop games must be mailed to the Institute by the deadline of May 21, 2021. Any relevant attachments for Organization, Educator and Electronic Game nominations may also me mailed. All supporting documentation will be reviewed by the judges with the nomination form.
Please mail to:
Institute for Financial Literacy
175 Lancaster St., Ste 210
Portland, ME 04101
5. Questions can be directed to: (207) 873-0068 or

Eligibility Details:

The Organization of the Year is one that:
  • Offers financial literacy education, though it need not be a financial literacy organization by mission;
  • Has earned the respect of peer organizations and the communities it serves;
  • Inspires individuals participating in its programs to learn;
  • Utilizes quality financial literacy education materials; and
  • Is committed to the ongoing professional development of its financial literacy educators.
The Educator of the Year is an individual who:
  • Teaches financial literacy education, though does not necessarily work for a financial literacy organization;
  • Promotes financial literacy education in the local community, educational settings and/or outreach programs;
  • Inspires students of all backgrounds to learn;
  • Has earned the respect and admiration of his/her students and peers;
  • Is committed to ongoing professional development; and
  • Utilizes quality financial literacy education materials.
The Adults’ and Children’s Books and Education Programs of the Year must:
  • Have been published, released, or revised with a 2020 copyright date. Copyright restrictions and terms of use must clearly be stated;
  • Use concise language and age/ability appropriate vocabulary;
  • Clearly define technical terms, abbreviations and acronyms;
  • Be relevant to target audiences;
  • Appeal to multiple learning styles;
  • Be informative and unbiased in nature;
  • Present content in an objective and neutral tone;
  • Provide accurate information; and
  • Not deceive or mislead the reader.
  • The Book of the Year must also be available for purchase by the general public.
Instructional Games of the Year must:
  • Effectively teach one or more financial literacy concepts;
  • Use age/ability appropriate vocabulary, content and concepts;
  • Be relevant to target audiences;
  • Use clear instructions and explanations so the user can begin quickly;
  • Engage user;
  • Provide users with feedback to assist in the learning process;
  • Immerse the user in the experience of the instructional game; and
  • Be innovative in achieving effectiveness as an instructional game.
The above criteria are meant to be used as guidelines for all entries. Nominees in all categories will be judged upon relevance to the criteria and individual merits. Award entries will be reviewed by a committee of judges appointed by the Institute for Financial Literacy. The Institute for Financial Literacy reserves the right to refrain from offering an award in any category in any given year. The decision of the judges is final. There is no limit to the number of submissions provided they fit the criteria. Current employees of the Institute for Financial Literacy, or close relatives of such employees, are not eligible. All submitted materials become the property of the Institute for Financial Literacy. The Institute for Financial Literacy cannot assume responsibility for nominations lost or delayed in transit. Void where prohibited.

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