What are the Excellence In Financial Literacy Education Awards?
The Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards were created to acknowledge innovation, dedication, and the commitment of those that support financial literacy education.

Who created the EIFLE Award?
The Institute for Financial Literacy® created the EIFLE. The Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt financial literacy organization whose mission is to promote effective financial education and counseling.

Why should I participate?
If selected for an award, the EIFLE will identify you as a leader in the field of financial literacy education.

How do I submit a nomination for the EIFLE?
All nominations must be submitted online with specific attachments sent via regular mail.

Is there a cut-off date that applications must be submitted by?
February 9, 2024.

Does the nominee (or a representative) need to be present at the Awards Ceremony to win?
No, attendance at the Awards Ceremony is encouraged but not mandatory.

What recognition do EIFLE Award recipients receive?
Recipients receive an Award, are listed on this web site and will be announced in a press release. Education Program and Book Award recipients may also place the EIFLE Award Seal on the materials which receive the Award in recognition of their accomplishment.

Can I submit more than one nomination package?
Yes. You may nominate yourself for Educator of the Year, the organization you work for as Organization of the Year, and a book or education program you wrote as Book/Education Program of the Year. You may also submit a nomination in any of the award categories on behalf of another individual or organization. Each nomination will require a submission fee.

Can I nominate a Book or Education Program for more than one Category?
Yes. You may nominate a Book or Education Program for any category you feel applies.

Do I need to work for a financial literacy education organization to be nominated for an award?
No, you do not.

Where can I find information about the award categories?
Please review the EIFLE Award nomination packages, submission fees, selection criteria, categories and instructions. You may also request a nomination packet by emailing EIFLE@FinancialLit.org. All nominations must be submitted by regular mail.

Is there a fee to submit a nomination?
Yes, $75. Please review the EIFLE Award nomination packages (see above), submission fees, selection criteria, categories and instructions.

How do I attend the Annual Conference on Financial Education?
Materials for the next Annual Conference on Financial Education can be found at ACFEOnline.org.

Can I nominate an online program or an electronic book?
Yes, you may.

Can I nominate more than one Book/Education Program for an award?
Yes. You must submit one application per book or education program that you want to nominate, plus the appropriate submission fees for each.

Who may submit a nomination?
Anyone may submit a nomination. Self nominations are acceptable.

If I have won in the past, can I submit again this year?
Yes, you may.

What type of supporting documentation should I send?
Any informative materials about the submission, such as white papers, research, news articles, tutorials, etc. are acceptable.

What age range is covered under Children’s Books and Education Programs?
From birth until 18 years of age.

What do you mean when you ask if the submission aligns with any national standards?
Does the content of the submission align with any academic content standards or nationally recognized standards specific to your nominated submission.